The Company


We have been building our experience since more than 40 years ago, when we started developing technopolymer injection technology to nowdays level. We follow your projects from the beginning, to their final result: your full satisfaction. We share your targets, that is why we never consider ourselves suppliers, but partners.

“In 1972, the year Oremplast was founded, I had what turned out to be a happy intuition to shape my company towards the production of components in plastic, making use of technopolymer injection-molding. 

In fact, over the last thirty years, plastic has become affirmed in every production sector, leading to what can be rightly considered the transition to a new epoch.

The constant increase in demand and the continuous evolution of technology has enabled Oremplast to grow and to develop each potential of the company to the maximum.

We have always believed in open collaboration with our customers. Developing a product in partnership means optimising production times, improving methodologies, and refining the production processes, all of which increases the quality and reliability of the products.


We obtained ISO 9001 e ISO 18001 certifications and also the Evironmental Management System ISO 14001 certification.

We believe that the success of Oremplast is due to uor buisiness acuman, conituous technological research, and the excellence of our human resources.

Our techincians periodically participate in updating sourses on techonological innovations in order to respond consistently and precisely to the needs of the market.