The heart of production


Once the characteristics of the product have been defined, we move to the most delicate phase of the production process: the construction of the mold.

All the molds destined for our production department are created in-house by specialised techincians, or out-sourced to highly selected suppliers, equipped with the best techinical know-how and the most innovative technologies.

Numerically controlled workstations for processing the steel (milling, electron discharge machining, surface grinding and cylindrical grinding) and modern equipment for mold modification (LASER WELDING, TIG WELDING, COLD WELDING and ULTRASOUND WELDING), guarantee the perfect efficiency of the molds over time in order to maintain a constantly high quality standard of the product.

We pay particular attention to the level of finishing and the dimensional check of the mold surfaces to ensure that the mold responds perfectly to the design specifications.


Orenplast’s extensive production capacity is based on perfect organisation and on the high level of automation pf our molding department: 25 presses of different tonnage, equipped with robots with Cartesian axes, are employed for the production of any type of part in plastic.

Each press is overseen by personnel in charge of controlling the process and production. Our maintenance service guarantees the perfect efficiency of all systems and machinery.

The production phase is carried out entirely automaticlly. The presses, equipped with advanced microprocessors, handle the molding process and offer a number of operational possibilities with the aid of robots:

  • loading inserts for co-molding
  • pickup of particularly delicate finished products
  • on-machine-board pre-assembly and further specific functions

Oremplast also employs an inert gas co-injection process that allows creation of large dimensions parts with hollow cavities. Our products are subjected to a series of strict controls before beig declared suitable for shipping.


In each production cycle, a number of samples are withdrawn to be tested for suitability. A series of dimensional tests are conducted to ensure correspondence with the technical specifications required by the design project. All this takes place in a measurement laboratory with the aid of the most advanced measurement technologies. Here, with the utmost precision and reability, computer controlled optical instruments make the all dimensional check required by the qaulity control programmes, and optical gauges are used to check for any imprecision in shape or size. A range of electronic equipment of the latest generation completes the technical section of the measurement laboratory.

Each new product, once declared suitable, is sealed and catalogued as the reference sample for future production: a true wealth of information available at any moment.


Each molded product that requires a further level of finishing is entrusted to our pre-packaging department, which carries out all the operations of assembly, ultrasound welding, screen printing, stamping, and any other customising jobs.

Raw materials and finished products are stored in warehouse equipped with a specially controlled air conditioned system that guarantees perfect conservation of the products, preventing any thermal shock which can damage plastic materials.

Our aim is to supply superior quality service with a high level of technology.


Oremplast works with important companies in the following sectors:

  • automotive
  • motorcycles and scooters
  • building construction (in the area of accessories)
  • packaging (products for large-scale distribution)
  • home appliances
  • household goods
  • furniture and design
  • Sigillo (synthetic corks)

We give particular attention to product research and development, consistently proposing innovative solutions.